Virtually Transform Spaces

With our 5 Virtual Staging Services

What we offer

At just a fraction of the cost of traditional staging, sell up to 72% faster and at a higher price compared to un-staged properties. Our virtual staging services will transform spaces that need some extra help - whether vacant, furnished or simply in need of a fresh coat of paint.




  • Help buyers envision the potential of a vacant property or empty room.
  • A depiction of how spaces can be furnished and decorated.
  • Choose from our carefully curated collection of furniture and décor options.




  • Visualize the beauty of a space without lifting an actual paintbrush.
  • Virtually change any flat surface to any color you choose.
  • Remove dated wallpaper or add a bright accent wall.




  • A post-shoot solution for unwanted clutter; from messy coffee tables and kitchen countertops to disorderly bookshelves and more.
  • Removes any items that interfere with visualizing the full potential of a space.
  • Gets rid of clutter while leaving major furnishings in the room.



  • The ultimate transformation.
  • Remove existing furniture and décor down to bare walls, ceilings and floors; anything short of structural changes.
  • Completely redecorate the space by changing furnishings, décor, flooring or wall colors.



  • Wow buyers with warm, romantic and welcoming exterior listing views that appear to be photographed at dusk
  • Captures attention with the appearance of the magical moments between sunset and nightfall
  • Greater flexibility to present gorgeous exterior shots, without weather or scheduling concerns of traditional twilight photography