Make your photography pop

with VHT's Studio Services

Boost your listing's visual appeal

Make your listing photography stand out with vivid, bright colors and sharp, crisp details. No matter what season or weather on the day of your shoot, we'll make your photography pop with our Studio Services.


What You Can Expect

After your VHT photography shoot is complete, the images are sent to our team of image specialists where they are professionally edited, depending on your photography package and specific requests. Our highly skilled image specialists can turn your photographs into stunning visuals using a variety of digital enhancements.

VHT's Studio Services Benefits:

  • Our proprietary CLEARSHOT® technology ensures vivid colors and crisp details
  • Minimize shadows and bright spots
  • See clearly through windows
  • Add a Blue Sky or Green Grass to exterior shots
  • Blur personal photos or artwork
  • Add water to a pool or fire to a fireplace
  • Add images to TV screens
  • Remove objects (small clutter and other non-permanent structures)

Studio Services Testimonials

What a great job! You blurred the faces in the photos and removed the wires from behind the desk. The photo looks fabulous…..Thanks so much!

- Grace Patti

I sold 2 of my listings sight unseen this spring. The buyer's agents submitted the offers without their clients seeing the home both saying that the pictures looked so great that they didn't want to miss out on the property.

- Kevin Dahm

Media Management



We do the work for you by managing your photographs and media, sending it where it needs to go. From the MLS, to your personal and third-party websites, to social media and beyond. Each property has its own viewer page where you can access photos, videos, floor plans, and more all in one place. We personalize each viewer page with your headshot, logo, contact info, and social media links to make sharing your properties across multiple channels a breeze!

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