Excite, Move, & Motivate

with Full Motion Video

A Cinematic Experience

Create a sense of wonder and curiosity with Full Motion Video. Our photographers shoot with purpose, directing viewers' attention to the most desirable aspects of the home. We use cinema-like videography and editing techniques to produce a smooth, high-quality, professional video that wows buyers and sellers alike. 


Full Motion Video Includes:


60-90 second HD video


15 second teaser video


Top-tier video editing team


2 business-day turnaround


ONLY $250

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Full Motion Video FAQ's

Will the videos be branded and non-branded?

At this time, we are only producing non-branded videos. 


Are there updated music choices available for the videos?

A wide selection of music choices are available and selected by our editing team to fit the listing. 


Will it be in MP4 format and can it be posted to YouTube?

Yes, clients can post the video by downloading the MP4 file from their MyVHT account and uploading it to their YouTube account. 


How long will it be hosted in MyVHT for?

Similar to photographs, there aren't any extended hosting fees.


Can I share this video on social media? 

Yes! In addition to the full-length video, we provide you with a 15 second “teaser” video that is great for posting to your social media channels.

 Is the pricing based on square footage?

No, $250 is a flat rate, no matter the size of the property!   


If a preferred photographer isn’t currently Full Motion Video certified, can the video be shot at the same time as the Photography appointment?

We will accommodate as best as we can, but as with any split job it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


How long does the "average" home take to video? 

Approximately 30 minutes for an “average” home but nothing should take over 45 minutes. 


Will the agent be allowed to order video only? 

Absolutely! We recommend this product be used in combination with other services such as floor plan, photography, and 3D tours, but any of VHT’s services can be ordered a la carte.



*Full Motion Video is only available in Chicagoland