VHT Studios Announces New Aerial Drone Photography and Video Services, Business Expansion

Aerial drone photography and video services for real estate and business professionals are now available at VHT Studios, the nationwide firm that pioneered professional photography for the real estate industry.


ROSEMONT, Ill. – Chicago, IL – Aerial drone photography and video services for real estate and business professionals are now available at VHT Studios, the nationwide firm that pioneered professional photography for the real estate industry. VHT Studios is expanding its offerings and team to include licensed pilot-photographers capturing aerial video and images of shoreline and mountainside homes, estates, farms, resorts and other buildings or properties that consumers want to buy, rent or lease. 

Please click here to view a VHT Studios gallery of aerial drone video and photography.

New aerial services strengthen VHT Studios’ legacy of innovation for marketing residential and commercial real estate, and builds upon VHT’s national growth, which has been fueled by acquisition, successful geographic market penetration and product line expansion.

Aerial drone photography captures unique, high-altitude perspectives of properties in a way that no other image- or video-capture technology can. Aerial drone images help convey the complete spatial view of a property and present a true lifestyle view. From proximity to parks, city limits, topographic features such as mountains, valleys and lakes — and in some cases vast acreage — aerial drone photography highlights benefits that can’t be captured through grounded photography and video. 

“Our new aerial drone video and photography melds our technology and creative artistry to provide our clients with tools to set them apart from competitors,” said Brian Balduf, CEO, VHT Studios. “As a leader of real estate photography, incorporating aerial drone technology into our product mix is a natural extension of how we innovate by creating compelling visual stories of homes, architecture, businesses and estates.”

Adding aerial drone services requires strict adherence to federal regulations and laws, aviation training and licensing as well as state and municipal restrictions. The technology incorporates small commercial unmanned aircraft systems (aerial drones) that are licensed and governed by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to capture 4k resolution photos and 60- to 90-second videos of commercial and residential properties. The drones are controlled by VHT Studios’ FAA Section 333-licensed pilots and directed by their talented photographer eye.

It takes a pilot just under 30 minutes of flight time to create professional, high-quality video using a camera that appears to float smoothly over a lakefront, seaside or mountain home, farm, industrial complex, resort or ranch. Scheduling takes just 24 hours, with the finished, edited and enhanced video and photography delivered within 48 hours of the initial session.  

VHT Studios is offering drone photography and video services in:

- Chicago metropolitan area, including portions of northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin

- Westchester County, New York

- Long Island, New York, including The Hamptons

- Florida

- Seattle, Washington

- Portland, Oregon

VHT Studios is offering aerial drone services market by market across the U.S. Those interested should call (800) 790-TOUR (8687) or email info@vht.com.  To view samples of aerial photographs and video, click here.

VHT Studios’ growth campaign is part of an ambitious strategy that also includes a new website launch, VHT.com. The new site presents solutions and promotes the work of clients through property photos of the day, real estate industry insights, trends, how-to content and an easy-to-use password-protected portal, MyVHT, for review of account details and other specific client information. VHT Studios is also growing, with the recent acquisition of award-winning New York City photography studio, Gotham Photo Company. The move expands VHT Studios’ professional teams in New York City, Florida and California.  

For more video, images and/or interviews with CEO Brian Balduf, please email Michelle@michelledamico.com or call 312.423.6627.


About VHT Studios

VHT Studios delivers professional photography and image management services to top real estate professionals looking to become even more successful. VHT Studios’ services ensure their properties get seen more, sell faster and at a greater price, which also helps attract new clients. A full-service partner to leading real estate agents, brokerages and businesses, the VHT Studios team delivers to real estate professionals their most powerful selling tool – high-quality photography and video — from creation to display. This gives real estate professionals more time to focus on what they do best – taking care of their customers.