The Do's and Don’ts of Retouching Real Estate Photos

by Brian Balduf April 18, 2016

First impressions are everything, especially in real estate marketing. Nine out of 10 buyers search online before visiting a home or even contacting an agent, so high-quality images are non-negotiable. Buyers have come to expect captivating photography that tells a story about that home and motivates them to act.

Given the widespread use of Photoshop and other editing apps and software, agents may be wondering, “How much is too much?” The tips below should help you understand the difference between touching up an image and changing appearances in a way that may border on deception.

Do: Enlist a professional photographer. Your seller’s home is the most expensive asset they will ever sell. Homes are notoriously difficult to photograph – light changes drastically from room to room, and even large rooms tend to look smaller in photographs. A professional photographer’s expertise is critical to ensure the home is properly represented in your marketing materials.

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