PowerHouse NOW!™ FAQs

Ordering Questions

1. How do I order the PowerHouse NOW! package?

Ordering is super simple and fast! Current clients login to MyVHT to order, and New clients should visit order.vht.com. Our Client Services Team is available via text or call at 800-790-8687 if you need assistance.

2. When will I receive my PowerHouse NOW! media?

After you make your photography selections and checkout, you will receive an email from Collabra Technology with the links to access your PowerHouse NOW! products. You should receive the email within an hour of completing your selections. In the unlikely event that this timeframe is not met, please call 800-790-8687 and speak to a Client Services Representative.

3. Is the PowerHouse the same as Power Pack?

NO. Totally different products. Our Listing Power Pack is a bundle of 3 services (Photography, Interactive Floor Plan, and 3D Tour). PowerHouse NOW! is a digital marketing package that includes a single property website, social videos, and print-ready flyer.


Editing & Sharing

1. Can I make edits to the single property website, flyer, or video?

Yes, you can customize as much or as little as you’d like using the PowerHouse editor. It can be done on your PC or mobile device quickly and easily.


2. How do I share the FlashCard (video slideshow) to my social media?

Simply click on the social icons in the PowerHouse editor to link your social pages. You only need to do that once and you’ll be set to share everything going forward.


Product Questions

1. What is a FlashCard?

The PowerHouse NOW! FlashCard is what we call the social media video. A 30 second mp4 is created from your listing photos and branded to you, to make sharing your properties on social more flashy and engaging.


2. Is the flyer printable? How do I order my prints?

The flyer is a print-ready pdf ready to send to your favorite printshop. It’s also great for emailing.


3. How is the single property website different than what I get from VHT already?

The single property website you get with PowerHouse NOW! is a more in depth, visually appealing format, complete with a direct-to-you lead capture form.


Other Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why am I getting an email from Collabra Technology?

PowerHouse NOW! is a Collabra Technology product – they are a leading real estate digital marketing and technology firm with thousands of happy agent customers. VHT Studios has partnered with them to be a provider of their technology.


2. Can I purchase the PowerHouse NOW! package for a listing that VHT did NOT shoot?

Currently, you can only order PowerHouse NOW! for listings shot with VHT photographs.