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Put Your Talent to Work

What does it take to become a successful real estate photographer?  VHT Studios has spent over 20 years distilling the formula, and helping photographers across the country succeed in the real estate industry.


Open Positions

Professional Architectural Photographer (Independently Contracted)

One of the best things about being a photographer is the creative process.

The job of Architectural Photographer also offers a lot of variety. One day you might be taking photos of a renovated kitchen for a real estate agent; the next you could be getting dramatic shots of a landmark building. You might have to run up and down the stairs or stand in the middle of a busy street to get the perfect angle. And no two jobs will be the same. Variety is the spice of life, right?!

Founded in 1998, VHT is the leading full service provider of Visual Marketing Services specially designed for the Real Estate Industry. VHT's services are utilized nationwide by market leaders for the sales and marketing of luxury, commercial, and residential real estate. Using stunning professional photography as its foundation, VHT Studios provides professional photographers, image optimization specialists and state-of-the-art technology for producing the finest visual imagery.

Photography, like any other custom service, is never a 'one size fits all' proposition, but a matter of finding the right person for the job. We are looking for qualified individuals to join our photographer network. Our projects include hotels and resorts, retail establishments, commercial buildings, and residential housing.

Working with VHT Studios, you will get to work in some of the most beautiful homes in your neck of the woods. You will also have the ability to set your schedule and determine your own hours. Even better, the VHT Studios brings the clients to you! We will supply you with clients and properties to photograph, and after the shoot we'll take care of the details and editing via our in-house studio. You simply get to do what you like best - take great photographs.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS:You would need to have a Digital SLR camera and an adjustable Ultra Wide Angle Lens, as well as an external (off-camera) flash and tripod. Examples of camera and lens combinations include:

  • Cropped Sensor SLR with a 12-24mm Lens
  • Full Frame Sensor SLR with 17-35mm Lens


Our photographers bracket and take multiple exposures. They do not edit. Our studio does the post production work to create the final image.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:Our goal is to establish long term relationships with local photographers that we can work with on projects as they come up nearby. In addition to having the right equipment, you must:

  • Have flexible availability to accommodate our client's schedule.
  • Be able to professionally interact with our clients at the job site.
  • Perform up to our standards providing us a consistent high-quality image.
  • Communicate effectively throughout the project from start to finish.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the VHT Photographer Network, then click Apply Now and fill out our online application.

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Field Measurement Contractor

VHT is an established service provider to commercial and residential real estate. We are seeking experienced individuals to take measurements for producing marketing floor plans.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Have good weekday business-hour availability, could be asked for occasional Saturday work.
  • Able to professionally interact with our clients on a job site.
  • Have some previous experience measuring and sketching residential and commercial properties for the purpose of delivering as-built floor plans.
  • Have great people skills and professional appearance.
  • Own a car in good repair and available for daily use.
  • Perform to our standards of providing clearly hand-drawn plans of a home with needed measurements.
  • Are authorized to work in the U.S.


Building surveying/structure assessing/architectural training experience is a plus. This is a contract position with VHT, and new contactors will start in a part-time capacity and are paid by the project. VHT will provide direct one-on-one training.

This position is great for people that already do a light amount of free-lance work, and/or those who are looking for a second part time job and have good availability during business hours.

Your location is important; you will be based from your home and driving to your assigned measurement projects.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the VHT Floor Plan Team, then click Apply Now and fill out our online application.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the VHT Network, then click Apply Now and fill out our online application.

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